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Top 5 Tips You Should Know About Viewing Our Courses:

1.  Our courses are designed to work best in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers on a PC, and most should be viewable on a tablet and smartphone using the above browsers, as well as Safari browser. Swipe functions are enabled for touchscreen devices. Refer to your course Important Instructions page to determine if your course is compatible with tablets, smartphones and touchscreens. Using unsupported browsers may reduce site functionality or performance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2.  Maximize your initial course window and turn up your speakers, so you will be able to view and hear all the features available in our courses. Close unneeded browser windows. We do not recommend zooming videos to full screen, as you may miss important explanatory text timed with the audio.

3.  Most courses contain both text and video content. If videos do not play automatically, please click the "pause/play" button. In courses containing Flash videos, you may need to update your Flash Player. Flash videos will not play on tablets or smartphones. Refer to your course Important Information page to determine if your course is compatible with tablets, smartphones and touchscreens.

4.  PDF documents may be opened with programs or apps already installed on most devices. Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded on PC's, tablets and smartphones. On a tablet or smartphone, you may be limited to opening one PDF document at a time, unless you select "copy to Adobe Acrobat."

i.    To check that you have Adobe Reader installed, click the button at the bottom of this page, "Look for PDFs to Click Here."

ii.   For a free Adobe Reader download, click this icon:

5.  Want to Search for a Keyword or view a Glossary of terms?

i.    A Keyword Search feature is offered via the button in the top right, to direct you to course pages with specific content. After you get to the appropriate course page on a PC, you may use "Control-F" (depress "Ctrl" and "F" keys) to search the text on that page for specific content. The menus across the top of the page should help direct you to major course topics.

ii.   A Glossary of key or new terms is available via the Glossary button near the top right (under the Keyword Search button).


There will be review and final exam questions on the material covered in the videos and downloadable documents.


Troubleshooting (for common problems usually due to settings on your computer - we suggest contacting your IT person):

Have you closed all unneeded browser windows or tabs? Opening many browser tabs or multiple browser windows can increase the overall memory required to run the browser, and can contribute to crashing and freezing Flash Player.

Have you maximized your course browser window?

Are you using a recommended browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari)?

Pop-up Blockers may need to be turned off

Firewalls may restrict ActiveX or Flash content (in Windows settings and/or within your Anti-virus program)

The following website may need to be added to your browser's "Trusted Sites" (

Browser Security Settings set too high (medium setting is recommended). Contact your IT person to adjust.

JavaScript must be enabled (allow scripting).  

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > open Security tab > select Custom tab > In Settings window, scroll to Scripting section > Enable > OK

In Firefox, the use of JavaScript is enabled by default

In Chrome, go to the Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Under JavaScript, make sure "Allow all sites to run JavaScript" is selected

On an iOS device, enable JavaScript for Safari by going to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Turn on JavaScript

For an Android device, click the "apps" option and select "Browser" option > Click the menu button in the browser > Select "Settings" (located towards the bottom of the menu screen) > Select "Advanced" from the Settings screen > Check the box next to "Enable JavaScript" to turn the option on



If you are having problems opening any part of this course, such as pop-up windows not opening (HELP button, feedback for Review Question responses), PDFs, other course materials (such as Excel files), or viewing the videos:


Please try holding the Control key (Ctrl) down while you click the associated button or link. For example, if you have been unintentionally returned to the Practice Management Resource Center MY COURSES (Student Center) page, and wish to return to the course, please try this:  


Hold down your Control key while you click the LAUNCH COURSE button.  

(Your Control key, labeled Ctrl, is usually located on the bottom left side of your keyboard.)


You will also find all extra course attachments in the COURSE MATERIALS section. To get there, minimize or close your course window, which returns you to the MY COURSES page. Under the COURSE MATERIALS column, on the row with this course title, click OPEN. A new window will open showing a list of all extra course material. Click OPEN next to the item you wish to open or save to your browser. You may return to the COURSE MATERIALS up to a year after registering for your course.


Viewing PDF documents

An alternate way to open the PDF files is to minimize your course window, returning you to the MY COURSES page. Under the COURSE MATERIALS column, on the row with this course title, click OPEN. A new window will open showing a list of all course material. Click OPEN next to the item you wish to open or save to your browser. You may return to the COURSE MATERIALS up to a year after registering for your course.


To troubleshoot problems with documents opening, review allowing Trusted Sites.


There will be review and final exam questions on PDF material.


General Course Information:

Resuming Course-

At any time, you may minimize the course window, to return to the Practice Management Resource Center. Or, if you need to take a break during the course, you may close the course window by clicking the "x" in the top right of your browser. When you click LAUNCH COURSE, your last visited location is bookmarked, so you may opt to resume the course where you left off.

Scroll Down to View All Contents of Text Box-

Click on vertical scroll bar on right side of text to scroll down vertically to view entire page (a blue arrow will point to the scroll bar on some pages). For tablets or smartphones, just swipe up to scroll down.


Any instructions will appear at the bottom of each web page:

Look for white puzzle graphic with instructional text in lower left corner.


Using the Navigational Menus:

By clicking or touching the top level menu, a drop down menu of major topics is available.


Although we recommend that you take the course in the order as it was designed, you may click on any menu or submenu, to go directly to a topic of interest.  Accordingly, you may use the menus or submenus to go back to a previous topic.


Additional navigational information:

Click the NEXT Button or your keyboard's Right or Up Arrows, to navigate to the next page. Or swipe left for touchscreen devices.

Click the BACK Button or your keyboard's Left or Down Arrows, to return to the previous page. Or swipe right for touchscreen devices.


Tracking Your Progress:

Notice the Course Progress bar in the top right of any course page, to help you monitor your progress in this course.   The bar will move progressively to the right until you complete the last page of the course.


      You may also track your progress in the chapter you are currently viewing. The format is:

      "Current page" of "Total Number of Pages in Current Chapter"  (Ex: Chapter Page 2 of 25).


Review Questions:

Throughout the course, ungraded Review Questions are presented to check your knowledge of the materials. You will see immediate feedback for each response.


Final Exam:

When the course is completed, you will be prompted to exit and go to the Final Exam. You will close your browser window by clicking the "x" in the top right.  


Then, you will be returned to your MY COURSES page. Click the COURSE TITLE when you are ready to begin the Final Exam. This will take you to a new Course Details page. Click the OPEN EXAM button. Click one button to SUBMIT your answer for each question, and another button to SUBMIT EXAM for grading when you have completed the exam. And if you don't pass the first time, you may review the materials again and take the exam 2 more times (3 total) before you are locked out.


After registering for a course, you may review any of the materials within the course, if desired, prior to taking the Final Exam. After Log In, either LAUNCH COURSE or go to COURSE MATERIALS by clicking OPEN.


These instructions will be presented again just before you are prompted to go to the Final Exam.





Where are my courses?

Courses can be found on the MY COURSES page.


How do I view course content?

Go to the REGISTER FOR COURSES page. Find the course you would like to take, read the brief course description, and click the ABOUT THIS COURSE link for course learning objectives. Course material is available for up to 12 months after course registration via LAUNCH COURSE. External documents may be accessed by clicking OPEN under COURSE MATERIALS.


What if I fail an exam?

If you score below 70% on an exam, you have failed that exam. You may retake any exam twice, for a total of three.  


What if I pass an exam?

If you receive a passing grade of at least 70% on an exam, you have successfully completed that course. Then, you may print your Certificate of Completion if the course is for CPE credit. You may access your certificate from your MY COURSES page or from the Course Details page..


What if my address/phone number/email address changes?

For changes in demographic information, go to the MY PROFILE page. Make any adjustments and click the APPLY button at the bottom of the screen.


I received an error message. What should I do?

Read the text of the error message. Often, these appear due to invalid formats. For example, you may not have entered a numeric figure where one was expected. Or, you may have entered something in a date blank that wasn't a date. If you do not understand the error message, you may contact technical support. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.



You may return to these instructions via the HELP button in the top right of each page of every course.


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